Make what’s important, important.

My mentor once told me a bit of advice that is now engraved in my brain: make what’s important, important. Whether you are at a work meeting or having dinner with your loved ones, live in the moment & be fully present. The only thing that matters is that very moment. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. But right now.

If you’re driving, try to focus on the road without distractions & set your phone to the side. I personally drive with my cellphone placed inside of my purse which is behind my seat. I have Bluetooth in my car, so unless somebody is calling me, then I can answer their phone call or ignore it. The priority that very moment for me is my safety, not what Gina posted 5 minutes ago on Instagram.

If you’re having a conversation with somebody, be present in the moment & make them important. Listen attentively & live in the moment. This may look like dinner with your significant other or brunch date with a friend. Set your phone aside & focus in the moment. You are there because everything happens for a reason!

This is a friendly reminder from me to you,

Cynthia ☕️

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