Planning for Poshfest 2018 in Dallas

What is Poshfest?

Poshfest is Poshmark’s annual conference on 10/12-10/13 for anyone interested in getting inspired, connecting with fellow business savvy style mavens, & learning how to grow a business & be your own boss straight from the pros themselves. Currently, the event is sold out. But don’t be discouraged! People may sell their tickets on social media platforms due to last minute cancellations, so definitely keep an eye out.

This will be my third Poshfest & I am absolutely lucky to be traveling alongside my Phoenix PFFs to Dallas, Texas. Can’t wait to reunite with old friends & meet many more beautiful faces!


How much are you spending on your trip?

Here is a breakdown of my expenses so far …

Poshfest 2-day Admission: $209.76

Southwest Airlines Roundtrip: $271.97

Airbnb 3-nights: $95

Total = $576.73


What should I wear? Is there a dress code?

My favorite thing about Poshfest is seeing everyone’s unique styles. Honestly, just be yourself! I’m a heels kinda gal, but I would recommend wearing something comfy because it will be a looooong day.

I’m currently planning my outfits & shopping around for more ideas. I will admit, I am definitely feeling the preppy plaid Clueless vibes. 😜


Here’s my question to you, what’s there to do in Dallas?

I have been looking up Instagram worthy places to visit & to take my OOTD pictures at. Feel free to message me with any cool spots that we should check out. I’m highly considering taking a day trip down to Waco, Texas. #fixerupperfan


How’s your planning going? DM, I would love to chit chat with you!

For full details on the event, visit the official Poshfest website.

Hope to see you there,

Cynthia 🌸


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