How to make thousands of dollars selling your clothes — Business Insider

This week I was featured in an article with Business Insider along with four other top Poshmark sellers! We all shared our best Poshmark tips for turning a sale on the app.

Check out the full article by clicking this link.

I am extremely grateful for the PR team at PMHQ for making this happen! I even translated the entire article from English to Spanish for my mom who was just as excited.


Here are our top tips that were shared in the article:

  • Take good photos
  • Channel a particular style
  • Research what is selling well & listen to customer feedback
  • Compare prices on the platform
  • Be social on the app
  • Be responsive
  • List new items daily & re-share your items frequently
  • Be organized
  • Share other users’ listings
  • List items 10-20% more than you’re willing to sell them for
  • Be prepared to work hard


I hope that our tips help you grow a successful Poshmark closet! Thanks so much for the ongoing love & support, the posh love is out of this world!! If you are new to the Posmark app & have specific questions feel free to contact me. I’d love to help you out!

Xo, Cynthia

Business Insider Article URL:

Poshmark: @cynthaaa


Instagram: @cynthaaa & @cynthaaa_posh

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