Questions I Ask Myself When Sourcing for Inventory πŸ‘—πŸ€”

I have a lot of clothes! More than can even fit into my personal closet. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I totally understand … it’s hard to part ways with your all time favorite dress that is over 5 years old because of the memories that it holds. I’ll admit, I am a clothes hoarder, too. To avoid having an over crowded closet, I sell my unwanted clothing on the Poshmark app, the leading marketplace to buy and sell fashion right on the palm of my hands.

My Poshmark closet holds a 50/50 combination of my personal clothing and clothing I pick up from thrift stores.

Here are a few questions that cross my mind when I am sourcing for new inventory to sell on my Poshmark closet:


I ask myself these questions when sourcing for inventory through my personal closet:

  • Have I worn it in the past 12 months? If it’s been over a year since my last wear, then LIST IT.
  • Is it seasonal? If I didn’t wear it last summer and didn’t wear it this summer, will I even wear it next summer? If the answer is no, then LIST IT.
  • My style changes all the time. As I purchase new trendy styles to add to my personal closet, I pull out a really old trend I will never wear again. For example, I just purchased three trendy off the shoulder summer dresses. I’ll ask myself, which three dresses from my personal closet are no longer trending and I can’t picture myself wearing that style ever again? Add three new pieces and pull out three old pieces, and LIST IT.


I ask myself these questions when sourcing for inventory at thrift stores:

  • What condition is this item in?
  • Is the brand and/or style currently trending?
  • How much is the cost for this thrift piece versus comparisons that have already sold on the app? Will I make a profit? How big is the profit? Is that profit even worth my time & effort?


Fun fact: Did you know that Last Chance has WiFi? 😱 My PFF Kristen @voyageisaverb told me about it on our last visit! Last Chance is a hidden treasure excellent for sourcing in a dungeon (literally in the basement) without any service. I just found out that they offer free WiFi to their guests, which is a total game changer because now I can look up comps on the Poshmark app prior to deciding to purchase a new piece.


Hope these guiding questions help you find new pieces to list on the Poshmark app! Remember, always begin by finding the hidden treasures from your personal closet prior to going out and spending out of pocket expenses when sourcing for new inventory.

Much love,


Poshmark: @cynthaaa


Instagram: @cynthaaa & @cynthaaa_posh

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