Posh Tip: How to Make Consistent Sales β€” Beginners Guide

I get asked this question pretty often: “Do you have any tips on how to grow my Poshmark closet & how to begin making consistent sales?”

Are you new to Poshmark? Did you make your first sale (yay!) & want to move out more inventory? Do you want to make Poshmark your side hustle on top of having a full-time job?

Here are some simple tips to help grow your Poshmark closet & begin seeing steady sales. FYI: Poshmark is not a one size fits all. These are strategies that have worked for me & may work for you, too.

  • Start off with building your brand: color scheme, consistent photography, a catchy brand name. Also take into consideration seasonality & current trends. You want to make your closet a memorable experience, even if a potential buyer only scrolls through your closet for 10 seconds.
  • Once you’ve created a solid 20+ listings that represent your brand, then you can start to market yourself to gain exposure. By this I mean, self-sharing your whole closet 3x per day AM/NOON/PM, set a goal & follow as many Poshers who follow the brands that you sell, & share listings from the news feed or parties. Marketing your closet will drive traffic to your listings in the form of number of visits to your closet, shares, likes, listings added to bundles, etc.
  • Finally, by using Poshmark’s unique selling tools (such as private offer to likers & dropping prices by 10% on Closet Clear Out weekends) those listings with interested buyers will then turn into sales! *** Check out my other blogs that go into further detail on how I strategically utilize these Poshmark’s selling tools.

Let me know if you have any specific questions on the above. I totally understand that it can be a bit overwhelming at first.


Much love,

Cynthia Mendoza


Instagram: @cynthaaa & @cynthaaa_posh

Poshmark: @cynthaaa

Blog: cynthaaa.com

Email: cynthia.mendoza236@gmail.com

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