The #PoshLove is outta this world!

I am so thankful for every posher who has encouraged me with love on my posh journey. I used to be extremely shy & insecure. Thanks to this community powered by love, I’ve grown soo much. It’s mind blowing to me how strangers from across the country celebrate every little victory with you, because they understand the resale hustle. I am truly amazed everyday by the empowerment. THANK YOU!

For so many years, I struggled with accepting my body image. I didn’t I believe in myself. I was an ugly duckling as a teen & all the jokes made towards me hit hard for years. I drew so much of my energy towards it that it consumed me & effected my self-esteem. I think the very first compliment that shook me on the Poshmark app was on a listing of me modeling a dress in front of a mirror. Someone commented “You are goals” & then “Your makeup is on point”. I was so confused. Me? I’m goals? You like my makeup?? I didn’t even believe those compliments were true at this point so ignored it. The comments of encouragement from random strangers just kept coming. Suddenly, I started to believe those comments. Next thing I knew, I was believing in myself & started to fall in love with the woman I saw in front of the mirror.

If you see something you like on someone, compliment them! Kindness never hurt anyone. You have no idea how a simple gesture can impact somebody’s day. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.

I think my favorite thing about going to Poshfest is finally meeting these ladies who have empowered me online in real life! It feels like I already knew them but I actually just barely met them lol. I went to Poshfest 2016 alone. I literally bought my event ticket a week before the conference because my anti-social anxiety was winning the best of me. I was afraid of going alone not knowing anyone & afraid of being judged & not included. I was totally wrong. It’s true, Poshfest is totally worth it!!

Once again, I thank every single beautiful soul that I’ve meet online & IRL because of Poshmark.

Much love,

Cynthia 💗

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  1. Love this post, having been size 26 now 4-6-8″s depending on the item, I can totally relate. Thanks for the reminder to all…we are all fighting our own battles….

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    1. cynthaaa says:

      Yes! Thank you so much for reading


      1. I am also a Poshmark Ambassador, would love it if you have time to read my blog and enter for a chance to win one of the three bracelets like those I make in my boutique section of my closet. The blog is Gleanings From the Glossies. Thanks, Keep up the good work!!!

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      2. Just caught your post about 25 sales a week and shared it with the FB group I am in,

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      3. cynthaaa says:

        Wohooo! Thank you so much for all of the love for sharing my blog with your group 💗


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