#PoshBoss Interview with @azthriftqueen

Imagine running your own business & making $17k as a 17 year old … Well that’s Alexis! Also known as @azthriftqueen on Poshmark & Instagram. She’s a full time high school student, already purchased her dream car with her Poshmark earnings & she’s a pro in the resell industry. We met at a Phoenix Posh n Sip & I immediately admired her drive to continue progressing & always finding the latest trends. I am going to highlight her as a #PoshBoss because I believe anyone can learn from this beautiful mind!

Here are a few secrets to her posh success:


1. Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi my name is Alexis Masliah. I’m from Scottsdale, Arizona. I’m 17 years old currently attending my junior year of high school. When I’m not poshing I’m either hanging out with friends & family or working (Art of Ice Cream Experience)


2. Describe your style in THREE words.

Athletic, casual, and classy.


3. Can you please share your story about how you used to use cereal boxes to ship out your packages?

I started Poshmark when I was 13, I didn’t have a car and my mom worked full time. I wasn’t able to get boxes from the post office so I would use anything I could find around the house. Including tissue boxes & cereal boxes. Nothing ever stopped me from not shipping an item to a buyer after their purchase.


4. Do you sell personal items, boutique, resale, or a combination?

My Poshmark closet contains a mixture of personal items along with resale items. I try to keep a fine count of fabulous inventory. Most of my items are a newer style and listed to a wide spectrum of buyers. I try to keep up with the latest trends. 


5. When did you have your first “lightbulb moment” & realized you were becoming successful on Poshmark? 

My “lightbulb”moment of becoming a successful posher would be buying my first car at 17 years old and accumulating $17,000 over a span of 10 months. 


6. When looking for items to resell, what are the three most important things that you look for? 

When finding items to resell, the three important things I look for are as followed:

  • The condition of the item
  • The popularity of the item
  • The price


7. Since you are a high school student & posher, do you set a daily schedule in order to achieve your goals? 

As a high school student and a full time posher, my schedule varies throughout the week. I have a part time job at Art of Ice Crean Experience and tend to list whenever I get home from work whether it’s 8pm or 12 in the morning, I am always active in keeping my closet updated. I’m always dropping prices, sharing my listings, along with sharing other resellers listings.


8. What would say is your best strategy of marketing to drive your sales?

I have an Instagram account strictly for marketing and posting content that relates specifically to my Poshmark closet which promotes all of my newest inventory and “how to’s”.


9. I love that you purchased your first car using posh funds, how amazing! What inspired you to achieve this goal? 

Achieving the goal of buying my own car at 17 still feels amazing! What inspired me to work towards that goal was being able to drive one of my dream cars at such a young age and have it completely paid off for. In my family, it was certain I was going to need to work hard to achieve that goal. However, I worked hard every single day and budgeted the prior months before paying off my 2011 Jeep Patriot Sport.


10. What are some tips you would share to someone who will like to grow their posh business?

There are many ways to succeed on Poshmark. Here’s a list of my top ways.

  • Share, share, share. The more you share, the more exposure your closet will have by other resellers.
  • Keep your closet stocked with the latest trends.
  • Becoming a Poshmark ambassador will help you gain more customers along with gain a following.
  • Last but not least, if you have bright and clean pictures it makes the buyer feel more confident about the items they are purchasing from you. 


11. As you are packaging your sales, what song is most likely playing in the background? 

As I’m packing my sales for Poshmark, I really enjoy listening to country music in the background. My favorite Pandora station would be Dan & Shay or Today’s Country!! 


12. What are your next goals?

My goals for myself are to continue growing on Poshmark & Instagram. For Poshmark, I want to start having more active listings & for Instagram I want to gain more of a following. After high school I will be attending SCC, then I will transfer to ASU hoping to graduate with a degree in business management. After college I want to open up my own store (Resell obviously). I intend to work very hard to achieve these goals.


Make sure to check her out on Poshmark & Instagram! @azthriftqueen


The whole purpose of these #PoshBoss interviews is to empower other women striving to become successful on Poshmark. If you would like to be featured, feel free to email me!

Much love,

Cynthia 💗

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  1. Anonymous says:

    She’s scamming people on Poshmark. Read the comments. Comments deleted? That’s why.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Shes a damn thief and criminal ripping so many people off.

    @oscilatey had all the receipts.


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