If not now, then when?

As I’ve gotten older, the smaller things in life bring me the most joy & peace. Visiting coffee shops on a mission to find the world’s best vanilla latte definitely helps me enjoy the smaller things in life. I get to observe my surroundings in full detail, enjoy a conversation about life with a friend, or simply read a good poetry book. Not to mention, it’s a super inexpensive hobby! Today, I spent about 4 hours at Lola Coffee Shop in Downtown Phoenix. With a $15 Target gift card that a student gave me for Christmas, I bought my new 2018 planner & was able to get my life sooo organized! The other half of the time at the coffee shop, I was able to self-share my whole Poshmark closet twice & share other listings from the newsfeed.

Here’s a screen shot of how many shares I was able to do in an hour.

POSH TIP: Sharing drives traffic to your closet = sales!

On my two week winter break from teaching, I took A LOT of time to do what makes me happy & put to the side my Poshmark involvement. When analyzing my goals for 2018, I have realized that I need to take baby steps in order to achieve big goals. But if I don’t put in the work, then who will? If not now, then when? Yes, “me time” is essential, but I also need to set time aside for my Poshmark resell business. Yes, I’m meeting my monthly goal in order to make my monthly Mercedes payment, but if I have bigger goals & that means that I must step out of my comfort zone & break my daily routine in order to meet my monthly goal, plus exceed, in order to achieve my 2018 goals.

Here’s my advice to you: Take time to write your goals down on paper. Especially the baby goals that will lead to those bigger goals. Make big realistic goals that you want to see by the end of the year that are attainable with baby steps each day, week, & month. (My baby steps are these 1-2 hour posh sessions where I mass share in order to get exposure, which in turn will drive sales. I personally like to take screenshots of my stats to see my progress on a daily basis. My ultimate goal in 2018 is to clear off as much debt in order to buy a house by December.) Anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it & if you believe in your dream. I’m a firm believer that you get out of Poshmark the effort you put into it. You may not see the results right away, but you will in the long run with a little time & patience.

Best wishes on your success,

Cynthia ☕️💗

Poshmark: @cynthaaa

Instagram: @cynthaaa & @cynthaaa_posh

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