2017 Recap

My Dear Readers,

I have been MIA these past few months from my blog. As you may know, I’m a middle school teacher & I resell fashion on the Poshmark app for extra cash. (Teachers don’t make a whole lot of money, so Poshmark is truly a blessing). Life did slap me in the face after some major life changes happened this year & reality kicked in more than ever when I didn’t have enough funds to pay my electricity bill. To say the least, I have been going through a lot of understanding of my purpose in life & what I have to do in order to achieve my ultimate goal = happiness. I refuse to believe I’m on this planet to work so that I can eat then sleep, then do it all over again. Of course, I want to be successful in life & thankfully I found my passions. I love working with the kids at school, while styling & reselling fashion through Poshmark. But my ultimate goal is to be happy. Finding my happiness has been my mission this year. I challenged myself to let go of all of the things that didn’t bring happiness to my life. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I did loose focus of my blog, but I was able to draw that attention to working harder than I had ever before. I was busy coming face to face with my fears & I overcoming them.

This year I learned about:

  • Self love
  • My passion for traveling
  • How to depend on myself
  • What happens when I let my fears consume me
  • How to be a minimalist (do I really need that?)

With the help of the Poshmark platform, I was able to set attainable goals. Moving forward, I want to use my funds to pay off all of my debt. Trust me, that’s not a pretty picture, but I need to do this for myself in order to achieve my ultimate goal in 2018: buy a house by the summertime.

Whatever you set your mind to, it can be accomplished. I wish you all the best of luck in 2018 & reach your goals! It won’t be easy, but if you stick to the ultimate goal & not loose focus, you can do anything you set your mind to. What is something you accomplished in 2017 thanks to being a reseller? I’d love here your stories! Email me: cynthia.mendoza236@gmail.com or DM via Instagram @cynthaaa_posh

Much love,


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