Topshop Haul @ Chicago

My little heart lit up with excitement when a fellow posh friend at Poshfest told me that there was a huge Topshop in Downtown Chicago. So, I made it a must to check it out before I caught my flight back to Phoenix Monday night. I literally walked 2 miles to get to my destination lol I purposely didn't take an Uber because I wanted to fully experience the city's hustle & bustle during their rush hour. I enjoyed the scenery walking down Michigan Ave. It was definitely a culture shock when compared to my west coast!

I typically get my Topshop clothing super inexpensive at a local "hidden gem" here in Phoenix, but I felt like I deserved this shopping spree! The experience was so worth it!! I was able to work with a personal stylist in the PERSONAL SHOPPING fitting room for customized styling.

I'm all about neutrals & a touch of a blush tone once in a while. Here's a few pieces I picked up during my Topshop visit: (in the process of uploading YouTube video)

(BTW these pieces are my favorite souvenirs from my Chicago trip) Each of the jewelry pieces cost $4 😱 You can never go wrong with the quality of Topshop Freedom jewelry, it is meant to last for a while! I'm obsessed with the bohemian silver statement necklace. It totally reminds me of Beyoncé in her Formation video. My style definitely consists of basic everyday pieces that can be worn in multiple ways, which explains all of these basic tees. You can never have enough black & white shades. The blush pink tee is my ultimate favorite piece of this haul! It features a corset like lace up on the waist to accent the waistline on a baggy fit. I envision rocking it with a statement choker necklace & simple skinny jeans & black ankle booties. Possibly black over the knee boots to make a bold move. Stay stunned for outfit photos on my social media!

– Cynthia 💗
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