Speaking at Poshfest 2017 (Full Video!)

This year I had the privilege of speaking at Poshfest with Caitlin (@caitbela) & seriously … words cannot describe the roller coaster of emotions I had before during & after. It was an amazing adrenaline rush like no other! I speak daily in front of 150 7th graders, but I cannot even begin to describe my level of anxiety before I went up to speak at Poshfest. I felt like I was going to be sick, super dizzy, talking 100 mph, & my palms were even shaking. I am so thankful that Caitlin was my moderator because her calm soul was able to bring my mind back down to a peaceful state of mind before our session started.

I believe that my purpose in life is to help people whether it’s my students, family, or users on Poshmark. So as soon as I started speaking, I was in my zone! I LOVE sharing my strategies with other poshers so I had a ton of fun speaking! It seriously felt like I was helping one of my close girlfriends at a local coffee shop in Phoenix (even though there was a ton of people in the audience lol). When you are passionate about something, public speaking becomes easy if you allow your mind to focus on the reason why you’re there. Had I focused on the negatives & my nervousness, my anxiety would of kicked in & I would of gotten a panic attack! Always remember, MIND OVER BODY.

I spoke at two sessions & the second group was much larger than the first. I have no idea how, but we began running out of time!! So I began speaking at 158 mph making sure I can squeeze every single last strategy to my audience. As I passed out my business cards, there was a line of beautiful women waiting to thank me & to get my business cards. My entire heart was filled with joy knowing that I helped somebody, & most importantly, that I could potentially have impacted someone’s posh journey in a positive way. **Holy cow I’m already getting teary eyed again as I typing**

Knowing that I accomplished my mission makes me feel complete. Nobody helped me when I first started on Poshmark. I don’t have a Facebook account & didn’t have access to online posh groups. I would hate to be selfish keeping all of my strategies in my little brain. It probably took me about an hour for my little soul to come back down to earth after this insane adrenaline rush. Nothing will ever compare! I seriously almost cried every single time someone approached me afterwards to tell me that my session was the best session they had been to this weekend. I thank you for going out of your way to get advice from me!

From the very bottom of my heart, THANKS to my wonderful PFFs who attended my class. THANKS to everyone who took interest in being in my class, listened attentively & asked me questions. Of course, THANK YOU Poshmark for have selected me to be a speaker at Poshfest this year. My little soul is overfilled with happiness. Or like my PFF Jessica (@flowersandgray) would say, “My heart is over flowing with love. It makes me wanna jump & scream!”


Here is the simple 4 step formula/outline I use to drive traffic to my closet in order to trigger sales:

1. Listing / Merchandise
2. Sharing
3. Following
4. Dropping prices

Below is the link to watch my session:



Muchos Thank You’s,

Cynthia 🥂✨

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