Effective Strategies for CCO Weekend 💸

After an eventful weekend, I didn't have the opportunity to drop prices in order to trigger sales. I strategically do so on Sunday at 6pm during the CCO weekends.

However, I thought better late than never & dropped prices by 10% on over 50 listings on Monday night.

Here's the outcome:

Sold 15 listings on Monday night between 6-9 PM

  • 4 bundles with 3 listings each (12 listings total). With each bundle, either the buyer made an offer for a bundle or I sent them a private offer 10 mins after they created a bundle. In this case, the secret number is THREE. I sold 4 bundles & each one had 3 listings in it. Possible reason? My bundle discount is set at 15% off 3+ listings. So in order for a buyer to get a quote they must add THREE listings to a bundle.
  • 3 listings sold by themselves after the buyer got the notification of the discounted shipping

Keep in mind that when dropping prices, you must drop the price by 10% of the lowest you have ever dropped the price. I always raise the prices back to a comfortable price after 24 hours of lowering prices because sometimes buyers are a little late on the notifications (2 listings sold the morning after).

Wishing you many sales this week!

Cynthia 🌸

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