I’m an Official Speaker at Poshfest 2017 😱

I am a firm believer that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, because at the end of the day it's all about mind over matter. Once you train your little brain, wrap your heart around that specific goal & you have convinced yourself that this is what you want, you're going to accomplish it. It's the Law of Attraction. Whether it is work related, fitness, love … you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it. Yes, there will be plenty of distractions & temptations to make you fall off track, but do not loose sight of that overall goal at the top.

I used to be a crossfit junkie for about 2 years, but I never reached my overall fitness goal because my mind was not in it at 100%. I always found excuses to skip my workout, I was afraid to push my PR because I didn't want to get hurt, & I absolutely dreaded burpees. All of those thoughts of negativity engulfed my mind & pushed me further away from my goal. It's like a disease that only keeps spreading. On the other hand, I went to Poshfest 2016 in LA & admired those speakers; retired teachers who now resell full-time, three time cancer survivor who uses Poshmark to get through it. I thought to myself, that is going to be me next year. I may not have an awe inspiring life story, but I am going to be a speaker at Poshfest 2017 in Chicago & share my secrets to being a #PoshBoss. It was not easy by any means. It was tough work & hours of dedication behind the scene with building my brand, listing, packaging, etc. So many distractions tried knocking me off my posh game, but when I would fall off track I remembered what my goal was & worked ten times harder to catch up. Life happens when you least expect it & yes I did take a few breaks from Poshmark. It's honestly healthy for your mind & soul to take a breath & put that phone aside for a few days. My mini getaways truly made me whole again when my life felt like it was falling to pieces, but a a slap in the face from reality helped me to pull it together.

I don't write my blogs to show off, by any means. I apologize if I am being misunderstood as I have had critics that see it as "bragging" about my sales & success. Those are never my intentions. I do it for you, my readers. I believe that there's something in my little brain that can be of value to you. Yes, I am successful with my Poshmark business, but I would hate to selfishly keep those secrets of success to myself. I believe that my purpose in life is to help others. Whether I'm teaching my middle school girls how to be kind to one another, helping my family overcome anger, or helping a fellow posher with strategies that have worked for me. I am here to help YOU. I am forever getting questions via social media of how I do it, & it honestly lights my heart up when someone has taken the time out of their day to get advice from me. I am so blessed to have such wonderful ladies in my life, whether you live down the street or across the country. I am truly inspired daily by all of you! There's nothing more powerful than a group of women empowering one another & I am here for you all! I am still mind blown by the feedback & congratulating messages I got when Poshmark first announced me as a speaker. Holy cow, I literally cried from happiness!! I seriously was not expecting that whatsoever & thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being my #1 fans since day 1 😘

For those that don't follow me on social media & missed the announcement, I have been selected to be an official speaker at Poshmark’s PoshFest 2017 in Chicago! Come here me talk all about "Marketing Strategies & Tactics" to help you become a Posh Boss. I do not use Poshmark full-time. I like to consider it as my "side job" lol. In this seminar, I will be sharing my secrets on how to drive traffic in order to make sales.

Chicago here I come! Now, what outfit should I wear? 🤔


Here's the link for the complete Speaker Line-Up

Want to learn more about Poshfest? Click this link


Thanks for the endless support my loves,

Cynthia 💋

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