Planning for Poshfest 2017 in Chicago

Thinking about going to Poshfest this year in Chicago? Let me tell you, it’s totally worth it! I went to my first Poshfest last year 2016 in Los Angeles & I had the time of my life! I was able to meet so many lovely ladies from across the country who love to posh just as much I do. It’s honestly an unforgettable experience. I was so nervous to go at first & for months I contemplated about going alone. But a week prior to the event I said f it & bought my event ticket & flight to LA. It’s definitely a decision I will never regret. I’ve always been super shy in crowds where I don’t know anybody. My little heart lit with joy when I arrived & people already knew who I was 😍 

I’m super excited to reconnect with my PFF’s & meet so many new faces!! 

Below, I have included my expenses & details for my trip to Chicago so far. Mind you, I have never traveled outside of my little southwest corner of the United States … so this is kind of a big deal to me! 


1. Poshfest event ticket = $199

2. Round trip flight from Phoenix to Midway Chicago with Southwest Airlines = $275.96 

3. Staying @ Kimpton Hotel Allegro for 3 nights with my PFF @flowersandgray $586 / 2 = $293

4. Spending money? 🤔

Total: $767.96 (so far)


Feel free to contact me with your Poshfest questions!

  • Poshmark: @cynthaaa
  • Instagram: @cynthaaa & @cynthaaa_posh
  • Snapchat: @cynthialinaa 
  • Email: cynthia.mendoza236@gmail 

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