How to Track Your Poshmark Income 💵

Tracking my sales is critical to my posh business, especially since I am now using those funds to pay my monthly mortgage payment. So, I created this word document calendar that tracks my Poshmark income. I attempted using the excel spreadsheet from Healthy Girl Fashion, but the formulas were too tedious for my taste. 

Timing is everything in this business! I now see when I need to be more active, when to list more inventory, & which days are the slowest. This calendar tracks your daily income using this equation: earnings after posh fees – cost per piece = total income after flipping your clothes. It does require using a calculator since there aren’t any formulas within the calendar, but it definitely gives me an insight that the app doesn’t provide, such as:

  • Profit per week
  • Best day of the week
  • Overall profit per month
  • No sale trends 


Here is a screenshot of my month of June outcome once it’s all filled in. 


Feel free to email me to get your FREE posh income calendar!


Thanks for reading,
Cynthia 🌸

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jessica Hardiman says:

    Hi! I would love a copy of the posh income calendar! Thank you!


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