#PoshBoss Interview with @theora 

Need a new bikini this summer? Shop @theora ‘s Poshmark closet! I love that her style is trendy, always in season, & sexy. I must admit, I get some of my selfie confidence from Theora. Have you seen her selfie game? It’s definitely strong! I admire her confidence to model everythingggg. 

One thing that caught my attention from this closet was her brand. Wayyy before the brand name “Shop NYC Vibe” was created, you can always tell apart her listings from the other poshers because her cover shots were consistent. And her personality was bright! 

I am going to highlight her as #PoshBoss because not only has she grown a successful poshmark closet, but she also empowers other women & continues to keep Poshmark a positive community (which is the whole purpose of my posh boss interviews!)  

Here are a few secrets to her posh success: 

1. Describe your closet style in three words. 

Creative- Putting outfits together that you might not have thought to put together.

Sexy- Form Fitting pieces to embrace your curves.

Trendy- I try to find pieces that are similar in what popular celebs are wearing etc. Kim, Kylie…. 


2. What inspired you to get your Poshmark closet started? 

It was actually a friend of mine who referred me to Poshmark. Me and her wear the same size shoes and whatever shoes I didn’t want anymore I would give to her. One day she told me about Poshmark and how I could sell the shoes instead of giving them away. I was skeptical about it at first but decided to give it a try. I was so confused and lost in using the app that I was ready to give up. I browsed through the app to get some inspiration in how to showcase the shoes I was selling. I posted about 5 items and literally that day was getting a lot of interest in my items. The next day I sold a pair of shoes! I was so pumped and excited, from that day on, I NEVER gave anything away for free again.


3. What inspired your brand name, Shop NYC Vibe?

So of course residing in NYC my whole life had a lot to do with my shop name. But honestly it was so random. When I first started Poshmark I didn’t have this shop name at all. When I first started Poshmark I also didn’t know how much it would become apart of my life either. I believe after seeing other successful posher’s with over 200k followers, “branding”, themselves, I got inspired to create a name for my closet. I only had, “Shop NYC” at first but thought it wasn’t enough. I was scrolling through Instagram and came across the word, “VIBE”, and it clicked, “SHOP NYC VIBE”. I immediately knew that was the name! From that point on I basically branded myself as having clothes that had, “NYC vibes”.


4. Do you sell personal items, boutique, or a combination of both? 

I sell a combination of both. When i first started Poshmark, it was all personal items, ( I love clothes, so I had a lot to sell). Now I have a mixture of boutique items and personal.


5. When looking for items to resell, what are the three most important things that you look for? 

The three most important things I look for is, a good price,(Can I make a good profit out of it?), trendy pieces, and something that I would personally wear. I only sell pieces that I personally would sell myself. I don’t just pick anything because if I don’t love it, I won’t give it my all when selling it. I want pieces that I know girls will love and actually get use out of. I rarely see girls re-poshing my items, so I think that’s a good sign that they are actually buying pieces from me that they love.


6. What are some tips you would share to someone who will like to grow their posh business? 

I have ALOT of tips that I’ve learned from my years on Poshmark. But we also have to remember, what may work for me, may not work for everyone. These are my tips though:

  • FOLLOW POSH RULES. Have items that are compliant to Poshmark rules. You will be respected and likely get more sales. You will also become a Suggested User, which is a big thing on Posh. 
  • BRAND YOURSELF. Make your closet stand out and have your creativity in it. Get pieces that are your style that you want to share with other women.
  • MAKE IT FUN. Yes a lot of people are on Poshmark to just make money, but if you’re a rude seller it will throw bad vibes to your customers. Apply your customer service skills to your closet. Even if this is not your full time job, you’re on it for a reason right? To make money. My motto is KILL WITH KINDESS, if you ever get any rude buyers. I’ve had a bunch of rude potential buyers when I first started Poshmark and i would get mad and respond nasty. But I’ve changed my approach and decided to kill them kindness. This has definitely worked in my favor. I haven’t had any complaints or rude buyers as i did when i first started Poshmark, so what I’m doing is working for me.
  • PACKAGING. If you sell an item, make your packaging cute. You don’t need to go over the top with packaging though. There’s a lot of 99 cent stores that have basic packaging supplies that you can make work. A lot of people won’t spend anything on packaging because their profit isn’t a lot to begin with, which is understandable, BUT, you will have loyal customers if you package it nice the first time, just saying. Even though an item you sell may be NWT, if it’s thrown in a box with no tissue or any kind of wrapping, that buyer is less likely to shop with you again. 
  • PICTURES. The pictures you take of an item is the biggest key to success on Poshmark. If you only post stock photos, blurry pics, or one photo per item, you will not make as many sales as you’d like. Stock Photos are cool for the main picture, but include at least two pictures of the item on a hanger, flat-lay, etc. “But when you shop online all you see are stock photos”, The number one response i hear from people who only have stock photos. Yes this may be true, but, i can RETURN my items on those sites, i can’t return my items on Poshmark. This is why i love Poshmark as well. Seeing items that i would of bought from a site and someone is re-selling it and they look totally different in person! Sometimes I’m glad i never bought it from the site because i see how it looks on Poshmark and vice versa, it looks better in person than it did on the site. I personally model all the items i sell because it gives the buyer a better idea of how it may look on them. 
  • INSTAGRAM. I didn’t have Instagram for 2 years, (personal problems), but i decided to make one again just for my Poshmark. Instagram has definitely help increase my sales. I’ve gotten random girls to make a Poshmark account just to buy an item from me! ALSO give out your invite code to anyone new to the app, because they will receive $5 off their first purchase and YOU will receive $5 Posh Credit to use to buy something you want.


7. What practices drive your sales? 

  • Sharing my closet every hour.
  • Sharing all the items I’m selling on Poshmark to my Instagram.
  • Share other Posher’s closet’s who may have similar styles like i’m selling.


8. How do you make time to be such a successful #poshboss? 

Well i actually quit my job October, 2016 so i have a lot of time on my hands right now. Poshmark has been such a blessing to me that i can’t even believe how successful I’ve become. I’m honestly always Poshing, it’s so addicting! I also have no kids so all the time i have is for myself.


9. Do you use another method of making sales other than Poshmark? 

Yes! I actually use the Mercari app as well. I’ve made more sales on Poshmark though than on Mercari. But it’s great to have two platforms.


10. When poshing (whether you’re active on the app or putting together packages) what song is most likely to be playing in the background? 

This is so funny! Right now I’ve been blasting, “Unforgettable”, by French Montana, but i honestly always have my court shows on while I’m packaging, ( Judge Judy, The People’s Court, Judge Faith) I DVR all of those shows haha.


11. Will you be attending Poshfest 2017 @ Chicago?   

I would love to go! I’m hoping me and my man can make a trip out of that. I loved Poshnation NYC, and would love to see everyone again, it was so much fun and i advise anyone who has never been to a Posh event to go to one! 


12. What are your next goals? 

My next goals is to get more exposure of my Poshmark closet and hopefully make a website. 


13. When you are not poshing, what do you like to do for fun?

Beach, Beach, and more Beach! (Only in the summer in NYC of course haha) 


Make sure to follow Theora on Instagram for daily motivational quotes, booty goals & boomerangs of her outfits. 

Instagram: @theorajaz

Poshmark: @theora

Email: shopnycvibe@yahoo.com 

Hope you took notes! 

– Cynthia 

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