How the Poshmark “Dressing Room” will drive your sales 

I have been very timid about sending “private offers” to my potential posh customers. I hate being all up on people’s faces telling them to buy my stuff now. But, I kinda realized that I have to step out of my comfort zone to make sales. “Nothing changes if nothing changes” is a quote I live by. I began getting antsy selling 1-2 listings per day during this slow summer traffic, so I figured … why not make a change?!  _______________________________
I came across this post on Instagram & it truly motivated me to begin using the new feature. Thanks @everydayemelie for that IG post!


Here are the steps to send a personalized offer to your potential buyers who have already bundled listings from your closet. Plus, this feature has a style card with their sizing info so you can personalize it (bonus!)

  1. Click on the two little hangers on the top right of your posh closet. 
  2. Select the drop down & filter by bundles. 
  3. Then view a specifics posher’s bundle on by clicking “View Dressing Room”. 
  4. You will then be taken to the bundle this posher has created. You can send them a private offer by clicking on the blue “Offer” link. 


You can also view which are the potential customers who have liked several listings from your closet. Those are the customers I say, “kill them with kindness”. They have already show an interest in your personal style & closet, so why not draw their attention by showing them love with shares! I have not met a single posher who hates getting shares lol sharing gives their closet more exposure for a potential sale. AND they are more likely to continue liking more listings from your closet & possibly make a sale. Boom! *Drop the mike & walks away* 


Honestly, it’s not that this summertime is slow. I just was not using my resources. Thanks to PMHQ for these awesome new features!!! 


Day 1 Outcome: I made 3 sales out of 41 offers with 2 declined offers

(Unfortunately, some customers didn’t like that I sent them the private offer, declined my offer, & even removed that listing from their bundle. But hey, that’s ok because in the end, I’m still making sales) 

Week 1 Update: anytime someone adds a listing to a bundle from my closet I send them an offer, whether it’s 1 listing or a bundle with 3 listings. I have noticed that about 2/5 offers I send, will get accepted & sell. Keep sending those offers, don’t give up! 


Thanks for reading, 

Cynthia 💗

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Emelie Sanders says:

    After a couple “meh” feature additions, this one rocked my world! haha. Thanks for sharing my IG!!


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