Photo Shoot on a Budget

When I lived in the loft style apartment, we had huuuuge windows on both sides. I called our living room the selfie room because of the amazing photographs I was able to take. Plus, the clean white wall with a few decor pieces made it the perfect spot to take my Poshmark cover shot selfies. We recently moved into our first home. I love my home! But I absolutely hate the lighting. The windows are small & the paint is a tan color so my pictures look distorted. I attempted different angles. Different windows. Different walls. Different photography apps. Nothing. I would scroll through my posh closet & highly disliked my cover shots & it was getting annoying. 

So, I bought these three photography pieces online & it has completely changed everything! *heart eyed emoji* These are a few photos I took on my first at home solo photo shoot with my new goodies. 

Here are my key pieces to take the picture perfect solo photo shoot at home on a budget. 

  • White sheet back drop from Amazon (cost: $13.99)
  • LED light umbrella from Amazon (cost: $39.99)
  • Bluetooth Remote control & stand from the Wish app (cost: $6.65) 
  • Duck tape from the Dollar Tree (cost: $1) 




I did not buy the rod to hang the sheet up. Instead, I duck taped it to the wall which wasn’t a grand a idea. I initially refused to buy it because I was on a budget, but now I’m looking into buying one from Amazon. It’s totally worth it! 

Hope this helps! 

– Cynthia 💗 

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  1. Beyoutiful says:

    Great photos, very chic! 🙂

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