Island Attire☀️🌴

My dad invited me on a last minute surprise trip for his birthday. I have a tendency to pack excessively. What if I need a going out outfit? What if I get cold? What if I need a back up outfit? Therefore, I hate surprise trips cus I have no idea what to pack!!! 

We ended up going to Catalina Island which is off the coast of Los Angeles. It was absolutely gorgeous! The weather was beautiful & I did pack a ton of summer outfits, but I didn’t pack any vacation outfits (no oversized floppy hat or cute one piece bathing suit 😞) 

On the island, we ate a ton of food, used a golf cart to get around, went parasailing, visited the botanical garden, ate some more, & of course went shopping. 
Here are a few snippets of my island outfits:

Comfy outfit for my 5am 5 hour drive from Phoenix to LA featuring a lace up t-shirt from Maleny G Shop, black baseball cap from Nordstrom Rack, & black Zella leggings. 


My boat outfit 😐 I had no idea I was going to be taking a trip on a boat or else I would of wore the appropriate attire lol featuring distressed jeans from Maleny G Shop & my Tory sandals with a simple oversized tee. 


Dinner outfit featuring my favorite blush pink off the shoulders blouse & Topshop Jamie jeans. 


The next day, we did a ton of outdoor activities like parasailing & riding a golf cart around the island. We almost went zip lining & on an off road jeep tour but everything was sold out. Nevertheless, we had a ton of fun! I wore a Topshop white crop top, vintage Levi’s high waisted shorts that I found at Goodwill for $3, American Eagle flannel around me waist, & Steve Madden sandals. Also, a cognac brown Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody to match my sandals. 


I have actually been doing a ton of solo photo shoots where I place my iPhone somewhere stable, set a 10 second timer, back away & pose! Anytime I find a neat backdrop I cannot resist to snap a few photos. I feel in love with this mosaic wall outside the restroom of the Botanical Garden. I had to wait for an old man to come out of the men’s restroom before he thought that I was weird lol 

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      @poshsweetly thanks love! 💗


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