#PoshBoss Interview with @kaleyheider 

Have you checked out @kaleyheider ‘s Poshmark closet?? OMG it is seriously stocked with the cutest trends in so many different sizes! I have been admiring her closet forever #poshcrush. Her pieces are pretty much all NWT & at an affordable price. Her style ranges from a cute Girl’s Night Out attire, to a relaxed day out in the sun with a pina colada in your hand. 🍹

Here is a snippet to her Posh success:

1. Describe your closet style in three words.

I would describe my closet style as chic, feminine, and flirty! 


2. What inspired you to get your Poshmark closet started?

From a young age I loved thrift stores & going  to rummage sales. I’ve never been one to pay full price for an item and love to get a good deal. I joined Poshmark in the summer of 2013 after my best friend told me about it. I never imagined it would become something more than just selling a few items in my closet that I no longer wanted. Once I ran out of items in my personal closet I began to buy second hand items with the intention of re selling. 


3. Do you sell personal items, boutique wholesale, or a combination of both?

I sell both. For the first few years of being on Poshmark I strictly sold second hand items or store clearance finds. At the start of 2016 is when I began buying wholesale, it was something I had wanted to do for a long time. I really enjoy the mix. 

4. When looking for items to sell, what are the three most important things that you look for?

What I look for in items depends on if I’m buying boutique or not. When it comes to my non boutique items I first evaluate the condition if item is pre owned, then the brand, and lastly the price. Those three things will determine if I think the item is profitable. Buying boutique is a bit more tricky as you typically get six of an item. I focus on current trends and what’s in season, the price per item ( including cost to ship ), and I tend to purchase from the same few vendors that I trust and know sell high quality items that my customers will love. 


5. What are some tips you would share to someone who will like to grow their posh business?

My biggest tip for anyone looking to expand their posh business is to start small, start with your own closet and work your way up. It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you buy too much. Exposure is what will get you sales so put yourself out there! Follow as many users as you can and share, share, share! It will pay off. My last tip is to have clear pictures. I would not be successful if my quality of pictures had not improved from when I started. 


6. How do you make time to be such a successful #poshboss?

make enough time for Poshmark because it’s my full time job. I’m lucky to be doing something I love so much because it never feels like work to me!  I can work on my own schedule and am my own boss. It’s not for everyone but has proven to be perfect for me. 


7. What are your next goals?

I’m always striving to be a better seller and increase my sales so having goals is very important to me. Some of my short term goals are to improve my photos and to model my items more. It’s a little out of my comfort zone but know it will help to improve sales. I also would like to have a better method of organizing my inventory.  


8. Do you use another method of making sales other than Poshmark? 

I’ve tried a few different selling apps but really only sell on Poshmark, to me it gives the most exposure and is the most trust worthy. I would love to someday have my own website though! 


9. When you are not poshing, what do you like to do for fun?

When I’m not poshing I’m spending time with my puppy. There’s nothing I love more than dogs! 


Follow Kaley & her puppy on social media!

  • Poshmark: @kaleyheider 
  • Instagram: @kaleyheider 
  • Snapchat:  @kaleymarie927 

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