“Customers Would Rather Shop With Their Phones Than Their Feet” – CNN MONEY 

Seriously, now is the perfect time to grow online boutiques. As stated by CNN MONEY, “…customers would rather shop with their phones than their feet.” I’m currently wrapping my brain around this new online shopping epidemic. Technology has advanced so quickly in the past 25 years causing major retail stores to go out of business. It’s sad what has become of our country. The first thing that comes to my mind, “No! Our country is truly lazy!” But then again, online shopping is simply convenient. Especially when shopping with a brand who you trust. Therefore, I’m taking advantage of this moment to grow my online boutique. 

I had an epiphany a few months ago when a girl commented on my Instagram page that she scrolls through my page for outfit inspiration when she’s going out on dates with her husband. I thought, wow! There’s something in my little brain that’s very valuable & worth money! I put my thoughts onto paper & came down to the conclusion that I love both styling & shopping. People think I’m crazy because I shop every weekend, but I always knew it was much more than that. 

Resale is where the money is at. I get to do what I love: shop, style, & get paid while doing it. 

I’ve worked at the mall & I don’t work well with girl drama, or a schedule that I had little control over. Working in retail with commission based checks was always a competition & I hated “stealing” customers. That’s not the case with Poshmark. It’s the complete opposite. I work with other ladies from all over the country who have the same passion as myself & help one another grow. I love that Poshmark has given me the wings to have an online boutique & the community is ever so supportive! 

I’m currently a teacher & my summer vacation is right around the corner // 4 more weeks // 17 days // 104 hours approximately left until summertime!! I’m planning on killing the game with my online boutique & working essentially full-time during my 2-month vacation. I already signed my contract for the 2017-2018 school year. Will I return to teach another year in 2018-2019 because I’m passionate about helping kids but the pay sucks? Or should I devote all of my time & energy to this online boutique now that the online industry is taking over the world but take the risk of possibly failing? 

Hmm… Food for thought,

Cynthia ✨🥂 

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