🤔Did you know … 

The max Poshmark users you can follow per day is 10k. 

Today, April 23rd, I made it a goal to reach that limit. 

How? 5k follows in one hour in the morning & 5k follows in one hour at night. I got the Posh tip from Michelle @buysomelove during our Phoenix Posh Meet-Up. I kind of sorta had a routine in place of following new poshers everyday, at least 1k per day. I target poshers who follow brands I’m currently selling. But, I never pushed myself to go further & I never really kept track of how many people I was actually following. Once I visualized my goal with an attainable number, I was able to reach it! 

Here is a pic of the “error” you will receive once you’ve maxed out for the day: 

The thing about goal setting that you need to create a realistic goal. By realistic I mean attainable. Yes, it’s good to say that the sky is the limit, but don’t create a goal so high that you can’t see immediate results or a goal that will take an entire month to reach because you may stray away from it. Here, I made a daily goal, remained focused, & reached it. 

Following new poshers is crucial to driving my sales because it gives my closet exposure & new poshers are more inclined to buy with the money they’ve made (I’m speaking from personal experience lol). 

I hope this tip drives more sales for you!

Cynthia 💕 

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