#PoshBoss Interview with @flowersandgray

Being a #PoshBoss requires dedication & attention to detail. That’s exactly what Jessica with @flowersandgray brings to her posh closet! Honestly, everything I’ve bought from Flowers and Gray has been the softest, comfiest pieces that I own & which is one of the main reasons I keep shopping for more. 

We met at Poshfest 2016 while waiting in line to check into the event. I was absolutely nervous about going to Poshfest alone, but Jessica made me feel like I had a friend of many years with me. We sat together for the initial sessions & then became inseparable. Currently, we’re planning our trip to Poshfest 2017 in Chicago. (PS: PFF’s do exist!)

Jessica has hosted 5 Virtual Posh Parties, was a Poshfest 2016 closet consultant, and a model for the Poshfest 2016 fashion show.

Here is a snippet to her Posh success:


1. Describe your closet style in three words. 

Relaxed, Soft, Comfy – hehe, all those are actually basically the same adjective. 


2. What inspired you to get your Poshmark closet started? 

Closet or Boutique? Closet because I was sick of selling my clothes for $0.50 to a $1 on the local buy sell trade sites. I started Flowers and Gray as a test. I didn’t know if it would work but it was a small investment that was fun. I get a thrill or adrenaline rush every time I sell something and am addicted to that rush. I was running out of personal clothes to do that with! Poshmark makes it fun because they are so excited when you make a sale! 


3. Do you sell personal items, boutique wholesale, or a combination of both? 

I sell personal and boutique. I am considering working with manufacturers to sell wholesale too!


4. When looking for items to sell, what are the three most important things that you look for? 

I am addicted to texture – so that would be number one. Second, I try to source clothes that are made in the USA and about 99% of my clothes are made that way. If it is going to be made out of the states, I take quite a bit of time to vet that vendor. I think it is important from a wholesale standpoint because the clothing I buy are made from small time designers or companies that don’t have their names out there yet. I want to make sure their sizing is going to be great and that the fabric is going to be comfortable. I guess the third thing is sizing. I look for items that are sized for the demographics I sell too. Every country, people are shaped and sized a little different so I want to make sure that the sizing is going to be great for here. I don’t sell anything I wouldn’t personally wear myself or give as a gift to a great friend.  


5. What are some tips you would share to someone who will like to grow their posh business? 

Don’t over invest and blow out your savings! Invest a little bit of your own money, wait for that to sell and then reinvest your earnings. And make sure you are sharing your own items over and over. Yes, your thumb will hurt but how can you advance unless you self-promote! And set yourself apart when you ship! Decorate the box nice, take time to put nice packaging in there, write a thank you card with your business card – people remember that. That’s how they become repeat shoppers! 


6. How do you make time to be such a successful #poshboss? 

Girl, I don’t even know. I definitely take breaks from it. There will be weeks I sell a ton, and then weeks I sell 3 things. A seller definitely reaps the rewards of the work they put into it. I think it is important to take breaks otherwise it is easy to get burnt out. This can be a full time job but then you have to remember you can take vacations or a day off from your job so you need to do the same here or you will hate it. 


7. What are your next goals? 

1) I am looking to hire a freelance graphic designer to handle my social media and email campaigns (if that’s you dear reader, give a girl a shout!) 

2) I am considering selling wholesale. It’s on my 2017 things to look into! 

3) I would like to expand my local store business into other cities and/or salons.


8. Do you use another method of making sales other than Poshmark? 

Yes! I sell online at flowersandgray.com. I also have placement in local stores and I do community events such as Maxwell Street Days and Bridal Fairs.


9. When you are not poshing, what do you like to do for fun? 

Depends on the day, week or month. Ha ha – I spend a lot of time outdoors riding my bike or fishing. I also cook quite a bit and like to experiment with oddball recipes. I also flip furniture – I’ve made a wine bar out of a Thomas Edison Phonograph. I made a pretty big profit on that one! 


Jessica uses social media to bring her brand to life. Make sure to follow Flowers and Gray!

• Poshmark: @flowersandgray 

• Website: flowersandgray.com

• Instagram // Snapchat // Facebook: @flowersandgray 


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