#PoshBoss Interview with @theposhpassport

I strongly believe in girl power because at the end of the day there is nothing more powerful than a team of determined women. Every Friday night, I will be posting a #PoshBoss Interview with stellar Poshmark sellers whose closets are overflowing with great pieces & 5-Star Ratings! Everyone does things differently, so I want to collect a few inputs on being posh successful. 

To kick-off my interviews, I will begin with Evelyn (also known as @theposhpassport) whose bright personality caught my attention at PoshFest 2016. I jumped into the conversation about light-up phone cases & took a million selfies together! Her passion for traveling definitely reflects in the items she sells. 

Here is a snipet to her Posh Success: 


1. Describe your closet style in three words. 

Contemporary, creative, and inspirational 

2. What inspired you to get your Poshmark closet started? 

It all started when I resold my college books on eBay and amazon with the intention of gaining back most of my educational investments. It then dawned on me, I was such a savvy thrifter at the time so I launched my first clothing flipping items and became hooked. It did not take me long to realize that I was missing out on other platforms, better curated for the audience I was shopping for. So when I searched selling apps on my iPhone, Poshmark was one of the top choices.


3. Do you sell personal items, boutique wholesale, or a combination of both? 

I sell both, my personal items and boutique wholesale.


4. When looking for items to sell, what are the three most important things that you look for? 

For one, I search for my favorite brands. Secondly, I like to search for in season items to keep my profile with a contemporary flair. Last but not least, pricing. I like to buy low and sell high. That’s what fashion flipping is all about! After all, this is my small business and I’m just supplying the demand! 


5. What are some tips you would share to someone who will like to grow their posh business

Invest time into your closet. For me, this is a small business that I want to essentially grow successful enough to work on its own so I have taken the extra minutes between listings to make my pictures look much more attractive. I go by what my closet looks like as a whole. Same classy background and a mix up of stock photos work very well for me. The more time you invest the better the output. I was a hot mess when I first started Poshmark lol so The Posh Passport has came a long way! In less than two years I developed my brand, launched a website and sold almost $1800 in the month of November 2016! It’s the most I have ever earned in a single month. But I put in A LOT OF WORK. Adding 300 listings. Stay active on the site always and trust your instinct. Be creative! I can’t stress this enough. Creativity has really shaped my page into what it is today. Just go look at my very first sales and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. Lol Hot mess girls! 


6. How do you make time to be such a successful #poshboss

I made it a habit! I made sure that each day I would invest 3+ hours sporadically whether I was listing, sharing, or researching. Make it a daily habit. The work reflects the outcome! 


7. How do you create the perfect cover shot?

I have to use 4 things: 
1. Day light

2. My mothers garden

3. Natural flowers

4. Stock photos 

The most authentic however is using my mother’s garden with daylight natural light. I lay a fuzzy white cover and flat lay my items with a cute flower! I seem to like the mixture of using both stock photos and personal layouts.


8. What are your next goals

I’m ready to open up a little shop. It would be the ultimate dream to have a little brick and mortar!


9. Do you use another method of making sales other than Poshmark

I started out on eBay and amazon. I knew I had to diversify because those platforms were too broad and for some reason I could not make these phenomenal sales that I am making now that I have diversified. So, I am currently an active seller on Poshmark, Tradesy, Mercari and eBay. I have had good luck consigning with Swap.com but I would not recommend it unless you are trying to unload stuff that is taking forever to sell. 


10. When you are not poshing, what do you like to do for fun

I love to read and travel. If it’s one last piece of advice that I could end this beautiful interview is to read abundantly. Read and research your little hearts out. Anything that inspires you, read about it. And research the heck out of it! 🙂 

Get in contact with Evelyn & shop her awesome finds!

Poshmark: @theposhpassport

Instagram: @myposhpassport 

Blog: theposhpassport.com 


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