How I Make 25 Sales Per Week on Poshmark 

Truth is … I’m a super busy person. But with my Poshmark closet becoming so successful, it’s kinda hard to quit now. It’s addicting & I don’t want to stop making that extra cash!!

The hours I do spend on Poshmark need to be spent wisely. Therefore, I’ll actively be involved on the Poshmark app only one hour per week night & my Saturday mornings between 9-1pm. Technically speaking, I spend about 9 hours on the Poshmark app in a week. What I do during those few hours is vital!

Here are a few strategies that I use & I believe are the key to making sales:

1 hour Per Weeknight

  • First things first, I make sure to respond to all comments I have received throughout the day. Excellent customer service creates loyal customers.
  • Attend nightly Posh Parties! They’re held between 8-10PM (depending on your time zone). One quick fact, according to PMHQ at Poshfest most sales are made during this two hour posh party time frame. So this is my time to shine!
  • I share my entire closet by starting from the very last listing for sale in my closet & making my way to the top. On every listing I click: edit –> next –> list. It’s super easy! Depending on how many listings I have available in my closet this may take up to 3-5 minutes. Sharing my entire closet will put my listings in the Posh Party showroom. Poshers do go back & shop this showroom the next day. It also puts my listings at the very top for each brand since it was “just shared”. If I don’t share my listings, then my listings will eventually make its way to the bottom of this brand & less likely to be viewed by someone who is shopping that brand in particular.
  • As I’m sharing my listings, on Fridays I like to drop prices by 10% on listings that have 30+ likes. I chose Fridays because it payday & every hardworking woman deserves a treat at the end of a long week 😇. By dropping prices, the Poshers who have liked that listings will be notified about the price drop & selected listings will get discounted shipping. (This is a great way to make quick sales!)
  • Follow all of your followers. It’s likely that they’ll return back to check out your closet since your name pops up in their notifications. It may be overwhelming at first, but trust me it works!!
  • Follow new Poshers who follow my top selling brands. If you go to “Discover People” click on “New People” then you can filter by brand, city, etc. I automatically filter this search to Topshop & Forever 21 because that is the audience I am targeting.
  • I created a new goal to follow at least 1k Poshers per day. I prefer to use my iPad when I’m doing this in particular because the screen is larger & I can click on the blue “follow” button more quickly.
  • Share share share! I find 10 closets who have similar taste as myself & share up to 10 listings from their closet. They may return the favor, which will give more exposure to my listings.
  • If I have checked off everything in my nightly Posh To-Do List, then I’ll go back to the Posh Party Host-Pick showroom. I’ll share my favorite listings & congratulate that posher for their host-pick! This keeps this platform a positive & supporting place. Plus, it’s very likely that that posher will return the love by sharing listings in your closet. More shares = more exposure = more sales.


Saturday Mornings between 9-1PM

  • Search for items to list. This may look like either cleaning out a particular drawer in my closet & finding old gems I no longer use, or shopping wholesale for new boutique items that are trending. How do I know what is trending? Keep close attention to the Poshmark showrooms; PMHQ creates showrooms with items that are selling most that given season. For example, this winter season chokers & velvet dresses are definitely top sellers!
  • Photo shoot session! I open all of the blinds in my living room where there is natural lighting & take selfies with a giant mirror that I purchased from Kirkland for $85. I like to put together outfits with the item I’m selling to give the buyer styling ideas. It makes that item come to live! If I can’t model it, then I take flat lay photos next to the window on top of a furry blanket that I purchased from Target for $30. I make sure I still style this item with “pretty little things” as I like to call it. I love this furry blanket because it’s white & it gives my items a sharp clean look.
  • List, list, list! I’ll post all of my listings once I’m done taking pictures. I make sure to be as detailed as I can, including measurements & any imperfections. I just started a listing in my closet called “New Arrivals” for VIP’s: (very important Poshers). I’ll tag their names on this listing once I’m done uploading the new listings so that those loyal customers can come to my closet to check out the new goodies.
  • If I have time on this Saturday morning, then I’ll go to my Weeknight Posh To-Do List.


I ask myself this question: What can I do that is quick & will give my closet more exposure?


Hope these tips work for you & best wishes to your success,

Cynthia 💋


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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Emi says:

    That s great !i have just joined PM back in November hoping to emty my real closet a bit !since joining i ve made only 4 sales.i m sharing ,following,listing,participating in parties and still no sales !any recommandation you might have!if you could take a quick look at my closet(@emike2016) i would appreciate it!!
    Thank so much!


  2. Annmarie says:

    Thank you for sharing! That’s exactly what I need is to be wisest with my PoshMark time. I want to spend just enough time to get exposure, support others, and make sales, but not too much time that it takes away from my other responsibilities. I’m at @annmariesaved if you’d like to check out my closet. I’ve been Poshing since February. Thank you again! Annmarie 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. m3xi_jen says:

    These are very helpful tips! I’m new to Poshmark and haven’t made a sale yet. I think your photos and styling make a huge difference! There’s so much on there that has the potential to be cute but just looks so drab in a photo. Thanks for the tips!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. cynthaaa says:

      You’re very welcome! The cover shot photo makes a huuuuge difference. There’s times I’ll post something very quickly & take average photos but it won’t sell, until I actually take the time to post clear photos with styling ideas then it sells quickly!


  4. Wow! I tried posh mark a while back, but these ideas sound like they would help a lot! Love the blog post! Feel free to check out my most recent blog post too! ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

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