Favorite Fall Trends 

It’s November 13th in Arizona & the weather is still fairly warm at a high of 85 degrees … I’m over here wishing for knee high ruffled socks & scarfs & beanies while drinking a nice hot cup of joe next to the fireplace like the pictures I see on Pinterest. Nope. Not in AZ. 

So, here are my my personal favorite fall pieces while living in the desert. They’re totally trending & can be worn in warm winter weather (or anytime of the year) lol. 


Chokers! They’re so simple & dainty, yet can pull an outfit together. In the above picture I’m wearing a wrap choker with golden leaf charms that I purchased in a wholesale warehouse in Phoenix (available in my posh closet!) It can be worn in a bow tie, knot, or simple let it fall for an easy look. 


Knee-high boots & a flannel wrapped around the waist. It’s such an easy outfit! I love the edgy grunge look you get when you combine both. Since it’s too hot to actually wear the flannel, I’m wearing it around my waist with a black tank top & black distressed skinny jeans. 


Let’s have a quick throwback to the 90’s when Eazy-E rocked these Adidas Superstar. I’m loving them in the simple black & white style to complete my look when running around town for a comfy feel. 


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  1. Chokers are my obsession right now


    1. cynthaaa says:

      I honestly can’t stop wearing them 🙈

      Liked by 1 person

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