What I Wore to PoshFest 2016 – LA

One of my favorite fall trends is the nude outfit which consists of different shades of nude, whites, and gold. I had this outfit envisioned after scrolling through nude outfits on Pinterest and extremely content that I was able to put my ideas together for this PoshFest Day 2 outfit. 


Those white skinny jeans by Topshop in the MOTO Jamie style are my closet staple! They’re actually my top selling item in my Poshmark closet & I totally understand why the ladies are loving these skinnies. (Quick posh tip: Know your audience!) The stretch gives comfort as it hugs my body perfectly. The ripped knees add a hint of the grunge street style. 


My Joíe genuine leather suede heels have a lace up effect with an open toe. The funny thing is that this is my second pair of the exact heels! I wore my previous pair soooo much last fall/winter that I told myself, “Ok Cynthia, it’s time to say goodbye…” and sold them in my posh closet. I came across them a week ago & I couldn’t help but to buy them again! 


The shift strappy blouse is from Forever 21. I wanted to create a tight loose outfit where the top would fit loosely. I knew I would have a long day with various workshops while eating a ton of pastries and drinking many cups of coffee. In other words, I knew I would get bloated. Lol. This blouse allowed me to enjoy my long day very comfortably. Not to mention, the back T-strap effect was pretty neat! 


The multi-layered gold choker necklaces by Zara were love at first sight … It was exactly what I was looking for! It’s so simple, yet elegant. I love how the long necklace has a chain that falls above the cleavage for an alluring, yet sophisticated touch.  


BTW given that this was my first year at PoshFest, I wished I came across a blog where someone explained what they wore. I had no idea what to wear!!! Should I dress up girly? Street style? Comfy in a tee? Heels or flats? Hence, the reason why I wrote this blog!

One AMAZING thing about PoshFest is that everyone has their individual style. There isn’t any rules on what to wear. So express yourself!! Keep in mind that it’s going to be a long day. 👍🏼 


Here are a few pics from Day 1 

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