Girl Power = Female Empowerment

Woman are capable of accomplishing sooo much together! An Instgram meme once told me, “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful woman who have her back.” It’s such a shame reading comments on Poshmark of woman belittling other woman, calling them rude names or “scammers” when that’s not even the case. I came across a tenure posher calling a new posher a “scammer” & left such mean comments simply because she bought a lulu sweater first. 🤔 Last time I checked, Poshmark was first come first serve.

The reason I fell in love with Poshmark was because this encouraging community allows us to grow together! I could not believe how complete strangers from across the country we’re motivating me by leaving such sincere comments in my closet wishing me success. 

One time, a random follower helped me find my Zara Lace-Up “In Search Of” heels for a $20! She didn’t need to tag me, but she did & helped me save over $100. I was shocked & ever so thankful!!

Yet, I’ve seen one too many poshers take advantage of the power of leaving comments & taking it to a whole other level, cyber bullying. This has got to stop … That poor new posher simply got dibs on a lulu sweater before anyone else did. She didn’t deserve being called mean names or judged based off her appearance. 

Let’s continue making Poshmark a positive & motivating community!! 

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