Theme Park Outfit 

I always put deep thought into putting together an outfit prior to going to a theme park. Knowing that my day is going to be packed with adventures and A LOT of walking, I make sure my outfit will help make my day feel easy & breezy, yet stylish! 

This summer, I visited Universal Studios Hollywood followed by Six Flags Magic Mountain the next day. Here are my outfit details …


Day One: Universal Studios Hollywood 

Since the weather in the LA hills is fairly fresh, I decided to stick to high waisted jeans by Levi’s with a white open-back bodysuit by Topshop. I try to avoid wearing white when I go to theme parks since I’m so clumsy… & yes, I spilled ice cream on my bodysuit 😩 oh well. I also wore a very lightweight statement necklace that wouldn’t bother me throughout the day. The baseball cap is a necessity to block that California sunshine. I had to rep ASU while I was out of town *throws pitchfork into the air*. You can’t see my shoes, but I wore the same comfy Sam Edelman gladiator sandals I wore the following day. The key detail of my outfit was the baby blue Michael Kors wristlet. I’ve decide to never wear a purse again to theme parks because they always get in the way and eventually I’ll pack so many things that my shoulder starts to hurt at the end of the day. A small wristlet packed with my debit card, lipstick, car key, & backup phone charger is all I really needed! (Lipstick is called Paramount by MAC Cosmetics) 


Day Two: Six Flags Magic Mountain
The weather at this theme park is definitely bipolar, primarily because it’s in the desert outside of Los Angeles. With that in mind, I planned on a outfit where my body can breath throughout the insanely hot day, yet feel warm in the early morning and after the sun set. I wore high-waisted “licra” denim shorts from American Eagle Outfitters, which were soooo comfy & stretchy. I wanted to make sure I had a hint of girly with this white lace crop top by Bebe. It has a built in bra so I didn’t have to worry about wearing a bra! The Dodgers were playing that night so I wore their baseball cap. I purposely didn’t wear a necklace to avoid getting an ugly tan on my neckline! It’s happened before & it wasn’t pretty… The gladiator sandals in a metallic gray are by Sam Edelman. I wore these because the soles are cushioned which is a necessity on a long day of walking. Unfortunately, I did get a nasty tan on my ankles! I wore a blue flannel on top while I got cold & wrapped it around my waist during the day, also by American Eagle. I didn’t wear a purse on this day. I simply packed a few things in my boyfriends backpack. & finally, You can barely see them, but I wore my favorite studded Kate Spade earrings ✨💖 

BTW those pink floral Janoski Nike sneakers in the above are so cool! I got them for $25 at Pacsun 😱 I didn’t wear them to Six Flags in fear that my feet were going to hurt because I had never wore them before. 

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