Posh Like a Pro! Tips 

Here is a lovely list of tips I wish I would of read when I first started poshing. Enjoy! 

  • Share, share, share, & share! Return the love when someone shares your listing. It’s hard keeping up with all the notifications, but it’ll definitely pay off. Also, try to repost your listings at least once a day to get it fresh in others’ newsfeed. 
  • Be outgoing & interact with others to build awesome relationships with women across the country who have the same interests: shopping! If there’s something you like in their closet, tell them! You might have similar interests which will trigger them to visit your closet & possibly find things they like as well. 
  • Your cover shot is the first thing others will see for the item you have listed, so be creative & style it with cute accessories. Having good lighting & quality of the photo is key. 
  • Follow all posh rules… No ifs or buts. Don’t know the rules? It’s ok! They’re all listed under the “Your Guide to Poshmark” tab.  When I first started poshing, I was a bit unclear on what was and was not acceptable… I’ll admit… I did trade & sell men’s clothing at first. My goal now after being posh compliant for almost a year is to become a suggested user! *crosses fingers* 
  • As a seller, you want to WOW your customers in order to build loyalty & have them coming back for more items! Be responsive & attentive to their inquiries. Make sure your packages are clean, smell fresh, & packaged with care. I personally like to steam my items to remove any winkles & wrap the item with white tissue paper & a decorative pink ribbon. (I buy a pack of 35 sheets of tissue paper and ribbon from the dollar store). Thank them for shopping your closet with a cute note! Finally, ship asap. I have built a routine where I visit the post office on my way to work & give myself an extra 15 minutes for my commute to ensure my packages are shipped out within a day. 
  • Don’t be afraid to lower your prices by 10% to trigger a discounted shipping. I know it’s hard sometimes lowering your prices since you’re hoping to make the most money out of something you paid full price for, but honestly when’s the next time you’ll wear it? Might as well sell it! When you lower your price by 10%, it notifies other users about your price drop, meaning more closet exposure! I personally like to lower my prices if I see it’s been listed for a weeks & still no interests but it has a lot of likes. Everyone who has liked it will be notified so brace yourself with potential comments & questions lol 
  • Attend posh parties! My favorite are the very last ones of the day promoting top trends. Congratulate those who have had a listing selected as a host-pick! They’ll return the love!! (Most of the time lol) Dont be shy to ask a party host to visit & review your closet for a potential host pick. They want to have options & if your closet is posh compliant, you just may get lucky!! Host-Pick = more views and attentions brought to your closet = more sales! 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. lisa says:

    I just joined Poshmark and wish I would have found this years ago!! These tips are super helpful, thank you for sharing!


    1. cynthaaa says:

      Lisa, I’m so happy these tips came in handy for you! Good luck with your sales 💖👍🏼


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