Superwoman: A post about Women Empowerment

Life happens when we least expect it. Stay optimistic. Do not let your negativity engulf your thoughts & take over your mind because it’s a deadly disease … almost like a poison that enters your blood stream. A poison so strong that it can be almost impossible to get rid of. Think of all of the positives. List the positives. Remain strong. YOU GOT THIS. Yes, it’s hard to forget the moments when you’ve been hurt, but remain strong. I promise that with an optimistic mindset you can accomplish anything. ANYTHING. 

About 5 years ago while I was working at Victoria’s Secret, I held the position as a bra specialist advising the best bra fit for woman of all shapes & sizes. Let’s be real. No two woman are the same & finding the perfect bra can be such a hassle! Anyways … My most memorable experience was helping a woman who had just went to her last therapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She had one of her breast removed as the cancer spread all through it. I can only imagine how hard it must be loosing a part of you that makes you a woman & feel feminine. After having a deep conversation about what she has been through, I was able to figure out the PERFECT BRA. Not only was this particular bra going to be discontinued, but it was literally located on the highest corner of the darn building behind countless boxes. I asked her to please be patient with me as I ran to the back, grabbed the ladder, & moved heavy boxes while breaking so much sweat. I didn’t care. I did it all to make her feel happy with her new body. I found three in her size & in different colors … She tried one on & loved it! Hallelujah!! Not only did she leave crying in tears of happiness because I went out of my way to find her the right bra that will make her feel like a woman once again, but she came back to shop with me as the months went by. Keep in mind, that bra discontinued that season, but we were able to find a way to get her exactly what she needed 😉 I ADMIRE her because even through it all, she remained strong & had an optimistic look in life. 

The bottom line is, you MUST remain strong. No matter what the circumstances may be, you can not let those negative thoughts take over you. I’ve never been diagnosed with depression or anxiety, but let me tell you … I’ve had my moments where my body cannot even take control of itself because the mind of my negative thoughts had taken over. Anxiety attacks are not a very pretty thing to go through. But controlling the thoughts in your mind & finding relaxation will take care of you. #mindovermatter

It’s ok if you failed. In the end of the day, everything happens for a reason. Learn from your mistakes. Set your mind with a goal, this goal is meant to better yourself & your current situation. Any kind of goal, something simple you can attain within a week or even in 8 years. But don’t loose focus of it & again do not astray from your goal with those negatives thoughts. 
Stay strong. You have so much power, more than you even know. I like to believe all ladies are Superwomen. Alicia Keys made it ring in my ears very clearly, “I am a Superwoman. Yes, I am. Yes she is. Even when I’m a mess I still put on my vest with an ‘S’ on my chest. Oh yes, I’m a superwoman.” 

If you ever see a girlfriend of yours down because she’s going through a breakup or having financial problems, lift her spirits up with positivity! It’s amazing how much can be done when women unite & support one another. 

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