The Start of My Blog Journey

Greetings from Phoenix, Arizona. 🌵 I’m Cynthia, 25 years young, 7th grade teacher, Disney lover, taco lover, ASU alumni, & above all I’m a shopaholic! 

I take great pleasure in anything that promotes femininity (as corny as that sounds). I worked in retail for a few years while in college & it brought me so much joy empowering the female spirit with what makes us women! I want to take the moment and finally begin my blogging journey to write about it. I’d like to share my personal tastes & recommendations of what has worked for me onto other ladies. Primarily femininity, fashion & beauty & ambitions with a splash of food & travel. It excites me telling others about my hauls or where to find the best deals in town or simply discuss the best trends! 

A little bit more about myself: My favorite brands are Bebe, Topshop, Michael Kors, & Victoria’s Secret to name a few. My outfits consist of a modern street style with a hint of girly. I typically buy things impulsively & cannot resist a good sale! I am also a woman with ambitions & great goals. Through trials & tribulations, I have become who I am today. 
✌🏼️💕Follow me on Instagram & Poshmark! @cynthaaa 


^^^ Outfit Details: Midi dress by FINDERS KEEPERS in a blush pink, caged heels called Slither by STEVE MADDEN, handbag called Charles Street Audrey by KATE SPADE, crystal statement necklace by EXPRESS. 


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