Posh into Style! 

I recently began “poshing” & it’s truly been life changing. It’s a place where I can enjoy doing what I love: shop, recycle, sell, REPEAT.   I honestly cannot believe how much extra cash has been rolling into my bank account since I started selling the things I no longer wear from my personal closet!  

I initially wanted to buy everything on Poshmark with the money I was making … I now have more self control. My focus is on one goal: mulaaaa! I try to visit the app with a tunnel vision ignoring all the cute deals, but temptation can be so hard at times. Especially when you see that Kate Spade purse you’ve been eyeballing for weeks drop in price **focus on the goal** 


^^^Check out these suede lace up heels by Vince Camuto I recently sold on Poshmark. Aren’t they just to die for!??   

Don’t have a Poshmark account? No problem! Download the app now and don’t forget to use the code:BMQJT for $10 towards your first purchase 😉 

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